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HAKA neutral soap liquid

The Neutral Soap Liquid is available in different fragrances, it dissolves faster in water and is therefore a little easier to use. For pre-treating stains and creating soap bubbles, we recommend the neutral soap paste.
The neutral soap is a real all-rounder, so the "first aid" for cleaning problems. For particularly heavy soiling and special cleaning problems such as lime scale in the bathroom, however, you should use one of the men's wear specialists, such as the hygiene cleaner, which also has an antibacterial effect.
Yes, you can safely use the HAKA neutral soap in the specified doses if you have a small biological sewage treatment plant.
Yes, because with its pH-neutral formulation, the neutral soap prevents the skin from drying out and thus protects the hands when washing hands. The skin tolerance has been proven by dermatological and clinical tests. However, according to the European regulation, we are not allowed to declare our neutral soap as a cosmetic product. Therefore we have to legally write the sentence "Do not use as hand soap" on the neutral soap dispenser Art. 127. Our neutral soap hand soap item 3140 contains additional – cosmetic care components and can therefore be advertised as hand soap.
All – Rounder helps with many cleaning problems in the Household
  • Washing up (dishes, Cutlery Glasses)
  • Bathroom (sinks, Bathtubs Tiles)
  • Upholstered furniture and Carpets
  • Surfaces and Floors
  • Laundry Pre – Treatments
  • Rinsing: For washing dishes, cutlery and Glasses – ½ teaspoon of 5L water
  • Bathroom To clean fittings bathtubs and wash basins- apply undiluted neutral soap in a cleaning cloth Dirt and Soap marks are reliably removed when cleaning
  • Upholstered Furniture and Carpets for Shampooing – Dose 1 table to 1L of water and lather use only foam and dab with a dry Cloth
  • Surfaces and Floors Tiles and shower walls wipe with a neutral soap solution 1 table spoon to 10 L of water Stainless steel / enamel surfaces Use undiluted neutral soap for heavy soling Otherwise – ½ teaspoon in 5L water
  • Kitchen Furniture, Refrigerator , clean Inside and outside with neutral soap solution 1 table spoon to 10L water Linoleun and PVC floors clean regularly with a neutral soap solution - 1 table spoon to 10 L water
  • Natural stones , marbles Tiles (glazed ) neutral soap solution in shiny and gentle care Important Always wipe the Marble and natural stones dry so that no water mark form 1 Table spoon to 10L water
    Parquet (sealed) cork (sealed) laminate floors Wipe with a Damp – cloth with a neutral soap solution – 1 Tablespoon to 10L water
  • Laundry Pre – Treatments Pre – treatments of stains E.g. for grass stains collars, Cuffs check the color fastness of the textiles on a concealed spot beforehand Apply neutral soap undiluted to the stains. If necessary, foam up beforehand and only use foam do not tub hard
  • Glass, Mirrors, Panes, Frames
  • Children’s Toys